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As an international family-run enterprise, we offer you a wide range of career opportunities with personalized training and promotion prospects. With various working time models, we enable a balance between work and family - for us, this is a basic prerequisite for the satisfaction and performance of our employees.

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Respect and trust characterize our culture. We work together as a team and each individual contributes to the success of the company.

You too can become part of the FRÄNKISCHE family.



Yellow Family
Yellow Family

Taking off internationally

From Königsberg to Shanghai: At our 17 facilities, we offer you a wide range of career opportunities with individual training and career prospects.



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Working for the FRÄNKISCHE Group
At the FRÄNKISCHE Group, you will experience a dynamic working environment characterized by diversity and innovation. As part of our "Yellow Family", you will contribute to our joint success in a team of different cultures and perspectives. We promote lifelong learning and personal development, supported by flexible working models and a wide range of benefits. Through employee events and social responsibility, we emphasize collaboration, mutual respect and strengthen our community.
Yellow Family
The FRÄNKISCHE Group offers a familiar and creative working environment in which the employees and their individual skills take center stage.
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You regularly maintain and oil your systems.
Do you do the same with your employees?

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