Managing and protecting
what’s essential.

Whether in buildings, cars, trains or road construction, safe access and responsible use of essential resources - such as water, electricity, data and air - are crucial to our quality of life. Today and in the future. This is exactly what we are committed to at the FRÄNKISCHE Group. As manifold as the business activities, facilities and people in the Group are, we are united by a deep conviction that guides our actions:

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How we manage and protect essential resources in everyday life today determines our quality of life and that of future generations.

Julius Kirchner Owner & CEO FRÄNKISCHE Group

Ambition and passion since 1906

For more than 110 years, we have developed far-sighted solutions that transport and protect essential resources safely, reliably and sustainably - with the highest level of technological and material expertise, comprehensive know-how and passionate ambition.

For a liveable future

From stormwater management and energy supply to electromobility - our pipes, systems and solutions are used everywhere. We take care of the essentials because we want to make an effective contribution to a future worth living.


Our motto - managing and protecting what's essential - puts it in a nutshell.



A world in which essential resources for everyday life are accessible, reliably and managed responsibly – for everyone, everywhere.



We improve and protect quality of life by enabling reliable access and responsible use of essential resources – such as water, electricity, data and air – in everyday life. By developing and producing highquality, flexible, and future-proof pipes, systems and services, we provide people with what is essential in everyday life.

Our values

As an independent, globally active group of companies that is family-run in the 4th generation, our activities are always oriented long-term. We have shaped our entrepreneurial activities and our organization systematically, with foresight and courage for over 110 years. For us, economic success and social and ecological responsibility are inextricably linked. In addition to our shared vision and mission, we are united by five core values. They are essential for our success, our culture, our cooperation, our business activities and our growth. Today and in the future.

Committed cooperation

in the team, in the group, on site & in the world


As a family-owned enterprise with over 100 years of history and sites around the globe, our culture is shaped by a sense of community, team spirit, cohesion, and commitment. We rely on a variety of perspectives, personalities and languages and have internalized openness, respect, and mutual support. Because we know: We can only achieve what we set out to do in the best possible way by working together in a spirit of appreciation with joy, reliability, and friendliness.


ESSENTIAL #1: We see ourselves as a team across the Group – as the “Yellow Family” - and put the “we” before the “I” because that makes us strong and unwavering.

Passionate ambition

for the common cause


From a corrugated pipe to an international group of companies – ambition is the key to our success. The will and the passion to keep improving, to bravely lead the way, to question the status quo, not to rest on our laurels but to set new standards and exceed expectations. For the joy of performance and development – personally and entrepreneurially.


ESSENTIAL #2: We remain hungry for new things, for development and learning, because we know: This is the only way to stay successful in the long term – as individuals and as a Group.

Value-creating innovation

in performance, solutions, process & services


Engineering is at the center of everything we do. We research, we develop, we produce, and we implement. Innovation has always been the key driver of our success story. We do not care for innovation for innovation’s sake. All our developments have a clear focus: Does our idea create relevant added value? Do we solve an essential problem? The small things count just as much as the big things, an innovation in the product just as much as in the service and in the process.


ESSENTIAL #3: We always find a better solution – every day, in every activity, each one of us.

Comprehensive flexibility

in thought & action


Flexibility is not only a key success criterion of our products and solutions. It is also a personal characteristic that we need more than ever today. We must be and remain open, agile, and adaptable – in our performance and solutions, in thought and action, with regard to other cultures, working methods and changing conditions in general. Everything remains different – and that is the way it should be.


ESSENTIAL #4: We are as flexible as a corrugated pipe and always remain agile because that makes us attractive and fit for the future.

Internalized sustainability

socially, ecologically & economically


As individuals and as a family enterprise in the 4th generation, we always see ourselves as part of the bigger picture: What effect do our actions have on others, on the community, the environment, the generations to come? We treat people and resources with respect and preserve the values entrusted to us. We use our know-how, our expertise, and our power to make a positive contribution because our actions today determine our lives and those of our children – tomorrow and in the future.


ESSENTIAL #5: We know that sustainable action is an ongoing process: There is always something to improve – we will keep going. We take responsibility!