Career orientation at FRÄNKISCHE

| by Frauke Barnofsky

What do I do after school? Which job suits me? Finding the right job is a major challenge for many schoolchildren. To support them in their career orientation, FRÄNKISCHE offers school classes from nearby secondary schools and children of employees the opportunity to find out about various apprenticeships in the metal and electrical industry in the M+E info truck.

Practical and intuitive

On a total of 80 m², the focus is on having fun “experiencing it yourself”. This is achieved with clear hands-on stations such as the collaborative Cobot robot, a CNC machine on which the students can mill a workpiece, or a multi-touch table on which they can participate in the production of a car. The careers scout also provides information about careers in the metal and electrical industry on a large monitor. Anyone who doesn't yet know which profession suits them can playfully find out here - and also find suitable vacant apprenticeships directly. The young people are accompanied by a team of educational advisors as well as trainers and trainees from FRÄNKISCHE. “I'm impressed by the diversity and equipment used to convey and illustrate the various professions of modern Industry 4.0 to the students,” says Matthias Tusche, Head of Apprenticeship at FRÄNKISCHE. The career orientation is rounded off with a tour of the FRÄNKISCHE apprenticeship center.

Frauke Barnofsky
Vice-President Group Communications & Identity