myFRĂ„NKISCHE - staff app

myFRĂ„NKISCHE - Stay up to date!

With the employee app "myFRĂ„NKISCHE" you make sure that you obtain all the current and important information without delay. It does not only provide  most recent information on FRĂ„NKISCHE.
We announce contests, sweepstakes, and special activities of corporate benefits, amusement parks, etc., exclusively in the app.

Installation of the app

  1. Please complete the survey (see below)
  2. Within the next 48 hours, an invite to the app will be sent to the specified e-mail address or mobile number (please be sure to check your spam folder).
  3. Open the link in the e-mail/text message (use a smartphone if possible).
  4. Download the app “myFRÄNKISCHE” and open it. Allow push notifications.
  5. Click on “Accept invite” and enter the code from the e-mail or text message together with your personnel number.
  6. Assign a password to log in with in the future.

If possible, install the app on your smartphone (business and/or private) to stay informed at all times. You can alternatively use your PC as well (we recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge).

The mobile app requires the following operating system versions:

  • iOS version 10.x or higher
  • Android version 4.4 or higher

Stay up to date!

Home page

  • Click the “Home” button to get to the home page.
  • The Bell icon indicates that you have new notifications.
  • Use “Your profile” to edit your individual user profile.

User profile

“Your profile” contains your user profile data and can also be used:

  • to add a user profile picture,
  • to manage notifications,
  • to manage home page settings,
  • to view appointments,
  • and much more.

Here you can also find personal support:

  • Contact to your app support

Overview of functions

  • The full-text search allows you to search in the contents of the app.
  • Unread Information will appear at the top.
  • You can add your most frequently used channels to Favourites.
  • Channels are the news resources in which you can obtain or in certain cases also share information.
  • Forms allow you to easily transmit information (e.g., sick notes) digitally. Use Surveys if you wish to take part in surveys or contests/sweepstakes.
  • Quick Links & Apps will offer you further interesting information.

Do you have any questions or problems?

Or do you want to share with us your ideas or suggestions regarding further improvement of the app?

Please do not hesitate to contact

First of all, check which e-mail address and/or mobile number you used to register. Enter these in the login window and click “Forgot Password”. An e-mail or a text message will then be sent to the specified e-mail address or mobile number respectively. It will contain a button or a link that will allow you to assign a new password.

You can also access the employee app via your desktop. You can find the app under "Start" - "Apps" - "myFRĂ„NKISCHE" or via You can log in at the top right.

Leave push notifications activated to keep abreast of all the latest developments.
(Not all posts are published via push/email notification).

If the app cannot be refreshed, close the app also in the background and open it once again. This will completely reload it again.

If you can no longer see any downloads/attachments, it could be due to the storage space in the app. Here's how you can "clean up" the storage space:

"My area" > "My settings" > "Clean up storage space"

To install the newest version, the app needs to be updated on the smartphone. It is best if you set automatic loading of app updates on your smartphone under “Settings”.