Rainwater in stock

| by Anika Faber

Using rainwater, retaining it and storing it as extinguishing water - this is made possible by the DIBt-approved RigoCollect systems from FRÄNKISCHE. The sealed, underground storage systems impress with their flexible installation options: The partner company Folien Lücke installs and welds the Rigofill inspect blocks on site or inserts them directly into the excavation pit as a prefabricated factory trench.

Water is a force of nature, powerful and unpredictable. This is also evident in local heavy rainfall events, which are becoming more frequent and more severe, especially in densely built-up cities. Intelligent solutions are needed to restore the natural water cycle despite growing urbanization and increasing land sealing.

An important building block for climate-friendly urban planning is efficient rainwater management with underground retention systems: RigoCollect from FRÄNKISCHE stores excess precipitation and thus helps to prevent flooding. If necessary, the water can be pumped back to the surface, for example as extinguishing water or to irrigate green areas and thus support evaporation. “Sometimes there is too much rainfall, sometimes cities have to contend with periods of drought. Underground water reservoirs such as our RigoCollect system absorb these weather extremes by creating a balance,” says Stefan Weiß, Product Manager in the Drainage Systems division at FRÄNKISCHE.

Absolutely tight: RigoCollect

The basic element for the sealed systems are the Rigofill inspect infiltration trenches from FRÄNKISCHE: The stable plastic containers, which absorb 95 percent of their volume in water, form a modular, flexibly expandable system underground. Individual configurations in length, width and height can be realized and even more complex shapes can be implemented quickly and efficiently. The infiltration trench is encased in a plastic sealing membrane using special technology to ensure an absolutely watertight storage tank. Nevertheless, the storage space remains completely visible via the continuous inspection tunnel for camera technology. Thanks to the SLW 60 load class, the systems can be installed under parking lots and are fully accessible even with low overburden.

Rigofill inspect has building authority approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). The various areas of application of RigoCollect - for retention (DWA-A 117), use (DIN 1989-100 / EN 16941-1) and in accordance with DIN 14230 as an extinguishing water tank - also carry the general type approval.

Retention and use of precipitation

The retention of precipitation and the time-delayed, throttled discharge from the water reservoir is recommended if infiltration is not possible due to the subsoil. In this way, sewer networks, bodies of water and sewage treatment plants are not unduly burdened during heavy rainfall events, for example.

An alternative to infiltration or drainage is the use of collected rainwater. This saves valuable drinking water wherever drinking water quality is not necessarily required, for example for the automated irrigation of green roofs or as process water for car washes.

Reliable and economical: extinguishing water tanks

RigoCollect provides safety in stock as an extinguishing water tank in accordance with DIN 14230: the sealed infiltration trenches replace conventional concrete or steel storage tanks. The stable plastic elements do not rust, less excavation is required for installation and they can be recycled after dismantling - a simple and economical solution for new and existing buildings. RigoCollect systems provide a reliable supply of extinguishing water.

Professional execution by Folien Lücke

Folien Lücke has been a partner of FRÄNKISCHE for coordinated solutions in RigoCollect construction from a single source for years. The specialist company in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG) specializes in plastic waterproofing membranes and is experienced in installing the encased systems: Certified installation teams install the water storage systems made of Rigofill inspect blocks, PE-HD waterproofing membranes (2.00 mm with DIBt approval) and robust protective nonwovens directly on the construction site. They then check all seams and welded joints for leaks.

Factory rigole: produced quickly and regardless of the weather

A comprehensive, alternative service is the factory rig: Folien Lücke manufactures the ordered RigoCollect system directly in the factory and delivers it to the construction site by truck just in time. Here, the “turnkey” infiltration trench is placed in the prepared excavation pit, connected and backfilled. “With this all-round carefree package, we are independent of the weather and construction site influences. Material does not have to be temporarily stored on the construction site, and installation times and the use of equipment are also reduced,” explains Tobias Elsing, team leader of the rainwater management department at Folien Lücke.

In view of the consequences of climate change, every drop of rainwater that is collected counts. The DIBt-approved RigoCollect systems store precipitation for retention, use or as a supply of extinguishing water in the event of a fire. Together with its partner Folien Lücke, FRÄNKISCHE offers the underground storage system for installation directly on the construction site or as a prefabricated factory trench.

Anika Faber
Marketing FRÄNKISCHE Rohrwerke