More than just a job

We want our employees to feel comfortable with us and support us for as long as possible. That is why we offer a wide range of attractive benefits.

  • Leisure and family
    It is important to us to enable you to achieve a healthy balance between work and family life. At some facilities, we therefore offer a holiday program for employees' children, for example, as well as flexible working hours in many areas of the company.
  • International career opportunities
    At our 17 facilities around the world, you have the opportunity to develop your skills and gain international experience.
  • Learning and development
    Lifelong learning is an integral part of our corporate culture. We lay the foundations for this in our own training center at the Königsberg headquarters, among other places, and later support individual careers with further training programs.
  • Social responsibility
    For generations, we have taken responsibility for the people at our facilities worldwide: with our employee foundation, for example, we support employees at the Königsberg headquarters who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.
  • Teamwork
    Respect, trust and solidarity characterize our culture. We work together as a team and each individual contributes to the success of the FRÄNKISCHE Group. We promote dialogue and togetherness with employee events.
  • Health and sport
    We support employees who want to keep fit with a wide range of health and sports activities and offer e. g. running, fitness and quit smoking courses.
  • Remuneration and additional benefits
    Whether it is a Christmas bonus, special leave or performance bonuses - you enjoy all the benefits of the Bavarian metal and electrical industry pay scale (at the Königsberg facility). You also benefit from attractive employee discounts, e. g. via the Corporate Benefits platform.
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Our employees are the number one success factor, so that the success story of the FRÄNKISCHE Group continues day after day.

Julius Kirchner Owner & CEO FRÄNKISCHE Group SE


Yellow on the outside, colorful on the inside

The FRÄNKISCHE Group is one big colorful family. People of different cultures, ages and beliefs live and work in 14 different countries. And where differences are united under a common goal, diversity is created. It is the cornerstone of our company's success and ensures not only our innovative strength, but also our competitiveness. Because only those who can fully contribute their skills, perspectives and experience can realize their full potential.


"Hello, I am Lena. My career at FRÄNKISCHE began 7 years ago with my training as an industrial clerk. 💛 I have particularly fond memories of the excellent support I received from my trainers. They made a lot of things possible for me, including a three-week internship in England, which was offered by our vocational school. After completing my training in 2019, I worked in the Managing Partner's office for three years. I was able to gain a lot of valuable experience there and develop both professionally and personally. In order to gain deeper insights into economic interrelationships and a better understanding of the many different company processes, I decided to study economics by distance learning alongside my work in 2020. I recently wrote my bachelor's thesis for this in cooperation with and supported by FRÄNKISCHE. 👩‍🎓 The distance learning program increased my interest in maths and computer science. 💻 That is why I am delighted to have the opportunity to study business informatics as part of a degree program with in-depth practical experience since 2022. I am completing the theoretical part of the program at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg, just like a normal degree course. During my practical semester and the semester break, I work at FRÄNKISCHE. I am currently working in IT application management, which I find very exciting and interesting. I am grateful for the support, the trust and the opportunity for further development - without FRÄNKISCHE, I would not be where I am right now. 😇"


Lena Kuhn

Dual student

Employee Lena Kuhn
Employee Lena Kuhn

"Hi, I am Jasmin. I started my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at FRÄNKISCHE in 2010 and joined the Building Technology export team in my second year of training. 🗺✌️ In 2018, I was selected as a key user for the introduction of a new CRM system and, in addition to my work in export, I also supported the new AUREA system, even as lead key user for two years. I was also involved in the implementation of AUREA at our facility in France. As a trained paramedic, I have also been part of the paramedic team at FRÄNKISCHE since 2019.🚑 And because standing still means going backwards for me, I transfered to International Sales in the Electrical Systems division in September 2023. Here, too, I work with international customers and have varied and independent tasks - what I particularly appreciate about my work at FRÄNKISCHE. 💻📞🤝"


Jasmin Königsreuther
Export Electrical Systems

Employee Jasmin Königsreuther
Employee Jasmin Königsreuther

"Hi, I am Felix. I started my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at FRÄNKISCHE in 2012 and then worked as a maintenance technician in the repair department for 3 years. 🛠 Here I was mainly responsible for setting up and aligning machines, sometimes also at our international facilities. In 2018, I completed further training to become a metalworking foreman and I have been a project manager in the BAU division since 2019. My main tasks include the procurement of new machines and spare parts, the further development of our machinery and the optimization of the associated operating processes. 📈 What I like most about my job: the varied tasks, the new challenges every day and the good teamwork. 👥"


Felix Käb
Project Manager

Employee Felix Käb
Employee Felix Käb

"Hello, my name is Manuela and I am already an "old hand" 🐰 at the FRÄNKISCHE Group - I started my training as an industrial clerk 23 years ago The course for my future career was set immediately afterwards: I decided to start as a secretary/clerk in machine sales, moved to the legal department in 2008 and became assistant to the CFO in 2011. Over the years, I completed further training as a marketing specialist with the aim of becoming more involved on the sales side, particularly with regard to trade fairs, and further training as a business administrator in order to be able to offer even more support and take on higher-value tasks thanks to a better understanding of figures - both of which I successfully completed. 👩‍🎓 I have been working as an assistant to the CFO since 2016. In addition to fully organizing and supporting my boss, presentations and corporate law issues play a major role in my work. I am also allowed to take on my own projects and work independently. The demands of this job, such as communication, organization, managing different topics at the same time, time pressure and reliability, make it extremely varied and exciting. I can contribute my strengths and continue to develop even after such a long time. And the best thing is that I work with lots of great people - what more could you want? 😇"


Manuela Tusche
Group CFO Assistant

Employee Manuela Tusche
Employee Manuela Tusche

"Hello, I am Stefan. I successfully completed my training as an industrial mechanic at FRÄNKISCHE in 2003. After a few years as a machinist, clerk and designer, I studied mechanical engineering by distance learning. Today I am head of the project planning and design departments. Together with my team, I develop concepts for machines and systems and am responsible for the entire project management."


Stefan Ankenbrand
Head of Project Planning and Design

Employee Stefan Ankenbrand
Employee Stefan Ankenbrand

"Hello, I am Frank. I started my apprenticeship as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology at FRÄNKISCHE in 2010. I then worked as a machine operator for six months before transfering to the process engineering department as a test mechanic. During this time, I completed further training to become an industrial foreman and have now been working as a coordinator in production since 2019. There I am responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly: Who works where and when? Which systems need to be converted? Which processes can still be optimized? You learn something new every day and what I appreciate most about my job is the variety and, of course, my great team."


Frank Hagel
Production Coordinator

Employee Frank Hagel
Employee Frank Hagel

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